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Spring Legion

Ballad of a Turkey Hunter - Signed Paperback

Ballad of a Turkey Hunter - Signed Paperback

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Written by Spring Legion's founder, Hunter Farrior, as an ode to the ways, restlessness, and obsessions that consume a turkey hunter's state-of-mind during the season of spring, the book quickly became a #1 Best Seller in multiple Amazon categories, upon release.

Each book is individually signed by the author.

The eleven chapters reflect the exact perception in which Spring Legion was created - to respect, embrace, and accept the challenges and experiences only found in the spring turkey woods.

An array of recollected stories, tips on woodsmanship, public land hunting, lessons learned the hard way, and even a few "inopportune situations" construct the 108 pages written during a two-week quarantine for the supporters of Spring Legion.


Back Cover Excerpt:

"In the spring, these woods are flooded in waves by a legion of hunters that are cut from a different cloth – a breed born into an obsession, otherwise never seen. For those sacred few weeks out of the year, their state of mind shifts seemingly overnight. They carry themselves differently. They become difficult to get in touch with and eventually speak only when spoken to. Jobs are lost, relationships fade, and health becomes an afterthought. Within the eyes of a turkey hunter, beneath the stains of bloodshot that grow with every passing day, there is inevitable restlessness building by the hour. Some are admired, some are hated, and neither of them care. They know the costs of this lifestyle are to be paid upfront, are due time and time again, and are exchanged for a single chance. But to them – to us – it’s worth it."


Recent Reviews:

"As a member of the Legion for over 40 years, I highly recommend this book. I have read and re-read this excellent account of the affliction that has to be experienced to be understood. This volume has found a home on the top shelf of my extensive collection of recollections of the turkey hunting Masters."

"Hand downs one of my top 3 turkey reads of all time. It's got stories and tips from a well versed turkey hunter. This review is not subject to change. "

"Written by a turkey hunter, for a turkey hunter. Great read with some entertaining stories and helpful advice! This book brings to light some different perspectives and ideals on hunting turkeys."

"You know a true turkey hunter when you meet one or when you read one. Hunter is a true turkey hunter. "

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