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The Spring Legion isn't just a brand, but a collective sector of the outdoor community that live for spending time in the woods every chance they get, each and every Spring.

Even in the remaining seasons, whether its working on wildlife habitat, brood conservation, predation, or any other form of wild turkey management, it's never really off the mind.

They keep things real and accept the challenges of reversing nature by calling up an old longbeard the old-fashioned way, rather than relying on mainstream trends, marketing gimmicks, baiting, or instinctual advantages to harvest a bird worth every ounce of the respect it receives. Traditionalists by choice yet are always trying to learn from nature and better themselves in the field.

Spring Legion, as a brand, will never offer a single piece of hunting equipment that will make hunting the wild turkey any easier. Like many that have humbled experience in the Spring turkey woods, we agree that in doing so takes the fun out of it. The brand is just a way to represent that mindset.

Our mission is pretty straightforward and rather simple - To never allow that dying breed of turkey hunter become a dead one.

The real ones don't look for ways to make turkey hunting easier, but instead for ways to become a better turkey hunter. Long live the real.