Gaiter Warranty


Thanks for submitting a warranty claim for a replacement pair of Turkey Hunting Gaiters. Once we receive your defected gaiters and verify that the gaiters are indeed defective by terms of reasonable usage or manufacturers inconsistency, we will get a new pair on the way to the return address provided above. So, please make sure that is where you would like the gaiters to be sent. If there are any questions or concerns about a potential fraudulent warranty claim (ie. Your dog chewed them up, etc.) we will reach out to the contact info you have provided above to let your know they are not going to be replaced.

In order for a warranty claim to be accepted, the claim must be submitted before June 5, 2024, and returned gaiters must be deemed defective by unavoidable circumstance during normal usage under typical conditions, and remains at the sole discretion of Spring Legion. There is a maximum limit of one replacement per customer.

Some features to note before requesting a replacement:

These gaiters are not considered snake proof. They are engineered with a resistance to water, dirt, and debris in mind, with a focus on lightweight construction and breathability, rather than snake bite protection.

These gaiters feature a C6 DWR 100% waterproof coating. While this coating is about as waterproof as your can legally make, there could be instances which cause this coating to eventually deplete over time. If you would rather not wait on a new pair of replacement gaiters, we advise recoating them with one of many store-bought waterproofing sprays. We use these sprays personally on most GorTex labeled items in our gear box, and we will vouch that it works wonders to waterproof+breathable materials. We have yet to need it on our gaiters, but will keep a can handy in case that day arrises. Kiwi brand Silicone Spray is good one to remember and is usually stocked at Walmart. But if you choose to replace yours instead of a quick-fix, we will gladly do so.

Include the following information in a package containing your gaiters and mail it to: 705 Whippoorwill Dr. Brandon, MS 39042

Your Name
Order Number

Size of Gaiter

Color of Gaiter

Reason for Claim

Return Address

Your E-Mail

Your Phone

Any Additional Comments:

You can email us with any additional questions or concerns at or complete the contact form below with the info needed.


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