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Spring Legion is dedicated to a better future for both wild turkeys and those who hunt them. Today, without proactive measures across every state in our great nation, turkey hunting as we know it could be in its lasting days. We love it too much to sit idly, unwavered by a declining resources for which we care so much.

The turkey hunting community is among the most passionate in all of the outdoors. When that same passion is generated toward the betterment of wild turkey populations, hunter opportunity, and wildlife conservation as a whole, turkey hunters are a force to be reckoned with.

Below, we have attached several links and opportunities for turkey hunters across the nation to easily access opportunities for which we believe their actions can make the most difference, their dollar be best utilized, and their voice be best heard.

Click any of the following to learn more, join, volunteer, donate, or if nothing more, educate yourself within the realms that could potentially impact turkey hunting for generations to come.


Learn More and Take Action:

RETURN ACT | Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 via HOWL

Petition to save PINE LOG WMA (Georgia) via backcountryhunters

Purchase Mossy Oak Wild Turkey Stamp


Organizations to Join

National Wild Turkey Federation

Turkeys For Tomorrow

Low Country Game Bird Foundation

HOWL for Wildlife


Wildlife Surveys

TFT Spring 2022 Survey



NWTF Research Proposal Form