About Us

Spring Legion Turkey Hunting
Spring Legion began as an idea had by founder Hunter Farrior, one night in February of 2019, as means to provide a way for die-hard, dedicated, and obsessed turkey hunters nationwide to expression their passion for the spring woods, the hunting of the wild turkey, and the respect had for such a season.
The idea, paired with a thirty-day free-trial for an online shop and website, has since turned into exactly that. As the brand grows on both social media and retail shelves, the humble beginnings of a few friends and brothers winging it are not soon forgotten. For the entirety of the first season, every individual hat bearing the Spring Legion logo was made individually, one at a time, with more being thrown into a "mess up" box than into a shipping package. 
The brand itself is not as much for the apparel, but rather the people in which it represents - those who cannot help their never-ending obsession, addiction, and overall passion for the outdoors during spring turkey season. It highlights the heritage, authenticity, and traditions in which hold true while gaining experience given by the keenest of God's creation - wild turkeys.
The Spring Legion Podcast produces weekly episodes, released every Tuesday, highlighting different stories, tactics, and special guests. The objective of the podcast, like all other realms of content produced by Spring Legion, is to stress the importance of fair-chase and enlighten the gratitude found in the humbling of nature and challenges faced while hunting.
In 2021, Ballad of a Turkey Hunter by Hunter Farrior, was also written furthering the notion of woodsmanship, tactics, and "inopportune situations" that compliment the learning curve while gaining experience. It was written in effort to detail the foundation of which the Spring Legion brand was founded upon, and the book has since become a #1 Amazon Best Seller.
Like all things connected to Spring Legion, both the book and podcast aim to take an old-school way of hunting and present the notions in a new-school way. We appreciate every single supporter of Spring Legion, as they are the #1 reason and motive pushing the brand every step of the journey.
With that,
Welcome to Spring Legion.