Ballad of a Turkey Hunter

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Coming Soon:

Written by Spring Legion Founder, Hunter Farrior, the book will be available for purchase just in time for turkey season preparations, around Mid-January.

Anything from woodsmanship tips, lessons learned the hard way, and tricks worth trying - to reminisces, bizarre stories, and the author's meticulous outlook towards what exactly differs a turkey hunter from the other realms of the outdoors - it's in here and it's as real as it gets.

The book is dedicated to all that have supported Spring Legion along the way, as it celebrates the mindset of all die-hard, obsessed, turkey hunters that live to hunt the spring woods every year.

We Need Your Help:

Paperback versions will be available for purchase on Amazon the day it officially launches, and it will be priced as low as they will feasibly let us for the first few days.

We want to see a turkey hunting book that brings focus to the heritage, traditions, and old-school methods of those that still hold true to their authentic nature listed at the top of its respective Amazon category much more than we want to make a dollar.

Why? Because we believe that the turkey hunting community deserves it. There is no other realm of woodsman quite like a turkey hunter, and there is some long overdue respect and recognition needed to be given from the rest of the world.

We hope that, even if just for a day or two after it becomes available, that this book can help bring that proper recognition to the turkey hunting way of life.

Purchases made in these first few days, when the price is as low as it will ever be, will give the book its best shot at reaching the goal of having a turkey hunting book at the top of the world-wide rankings in its category.

So, every single copy that is purchased upon its release is a huge impact toward achieving that - so spread the word after buying one and you'll be helping the turkey hunting community as a whole!

We can't thank y'all enough for the support!

There will be no pre-order, so include your email address into the box below, and simply type "yes" into the message box, to ensure that you get a reminder on the day it releases! (We're getting ready for turkey season and don't have time to send out junk email every day, so don't worry about that. This is just for the book's sake)