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Spring Legion

Spring Legion x RTGC: Calls for Conservation - 3 Pack

Spring Legion x RTGC: Calls for Conservation - 3 Pack

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Calls for Conservation

As part of our Calls for Conservation collection, 15% from every sale of this mouth call collection will be donated directly to Mossy Oak's Gamekeeper Grants program to benefit the critters we love and the places they call home.

In the Package:

(1) 3 Reed Combo Cut
(1) 3 Reed Bat-Wing Cut
(1) 2 Reed Ghost Cut

The Spring Legion x RTGC Collection features 3 diverse calls for any scenario and season.

It consists of a 3 reed bat-wing cut, ideal for producing yelps, cuts, clucks, and purrs; a 2 reed ghost cut, great for producing yelps, whistles, and clucks; and a 3 reed combo cut, perfect for producing aggressive yelps, cuts, whistles, clucks, and purrs.

More on Mossy Oak's GAMEKEEPER GRANTS:
Supporting the critters we love and the habitat they call home.
Gamekeeper Grants is dedicated to funding conservation projects that protect and preserve the habitat and wildlife that call it home. We believe that through strategic investments in conservation projects, we can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the critters we love to pursue. We are committed to supporting organizations and individuals who work to protect, research, and restore habitat and wildlife for future generations.
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