Tipton Creek Turkey Calls

Tipton Creek Turkey Calls 

Tipton, PA


Since 2010 in the small town of Tipton, PA; Tipton Creek Turkey Calls has prided itself on making quality affordable handmade turkey calls.
  • Our Mouth Calls are custom made using only the best prophylactic and latex materials and are inspected for exact precision.
  • All of our Pot Calls are made using the finest woods and are each individually sound tested and paired with a matching striker to give you that perfect sound you are looking for.
  • We stand behind our NWTF Award winning products with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE! 
Whether you are an experienced turkey hunter or just starting out, Tipton Creek Turkey Calls has everything you need to help give you the edge in sweet talking that wise ole’ Tom into taking a dirt nap!!!




Tipton Creek T.C. Hammer : $8

  • If you are looking for a call that is a "middle of the road call" with a rasp, then this is the call for you!
  • Great for all around calling and locating.
  • Slight rasp with great all around sounds.

Listen Here: https://tiptoncreekturkeycalls.com/pro-v-cutter




Walnut Green Slate Call : $60

  • Green slate over glass.
  • Comes with a free sound-matched striker





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