Spring Legion Outdoor Branding Services

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After taking the overly saturated industry of outdoor apparel by storm, Spring Legion will soon be doubling down on their efforts to build a better future for the outdoors in a way never before seen - by helping their competition do the same.

Creating a brand isn't easy. Building a brand is even harder. Combine the process with establishing identity in a flooded market, reaching relevant consumers and customers, and battling politically correct social media platforms daily, there's not much time or energy left for what really matters - providing the value beneath the logo to those who need it.

In 2019, Spring Legion started completely from scratch with only a handful of social media followers, 6 hand-stitched hats, and a vision. By spring 2021, the brand exceeded 14K social media followers, propelled to the top 8% of web traffic in all apparel companies of its class across the globe, a conversion rate doubling the industry standard, and a top 3 ranking in its podcast category six-months in.

The road to Spring Legion's identity today was far from paved and lacked direction at every intersection, corner, and complete halt, but through countless hours of figuring it out the hard way, there is now a much smoother, faster, path to not only owning a successful business, but reaching new heights in half the time and even less wasted money on trial and error syndrome.

It would be a disservice of Spring Legion to have already found so many answers and keep them hidden from other dedicated entrepreneurial spirits who also have a dream of establishing their own brand in the outdoors. The outdoor industry needs people who strive to provide value the right way, and we want to help make that happen for those who are serious about making a difference in the outdoor industry.