Liford Custom Calls

Liford Custom Calls 

Monticello, FL


  • Custom turkey wing bone calls and other custom game calls made by hand in a small north Florida town. Each piece is crafted from start to finish, from feathers to thread; finely tuned by hand until the yelp is just right.
  • What started out as a hobby has turned into a business, but one that we definitely enjoy. Gene Henry works tirelessly to prefect every part of the process and I (Mallory) make sure he doesn't go too crazy.
  • We hope that you enjoy our version of "art" and maybe even add a piece to your collection.

***We ask that turkey hunters keep us in mind after each harvest... If you are not planning on using your bird's wings, please send them our way. As much as we love to hunt, we can't supply all the wings ourselves!***



Blaze High Roller : $5

  • Three reed combo cut style call with a higher cut
  • Very raspy and deeper tone to it
  • Good for Jake yelps.


NEW Liford Box Call : $75


Pecan Trumpet Call : $80

  • Handmade Pecan
  • Lanyard and lip-stop included





Custom Wing Bone Calls : $70+

  • These are hand made and most calls are made to order.
  • Please be aware that only calls posted here will be available for purchase, if you would like a custom call, please call or email us so that we can get you exactly what you want.
  • Also, please note that the starting price on all wing bone calls is $70, complex thread wraps and additional art will increase the price of the call


Handcrafted Pot Calls

A variety of handcrafted pot calls - both slate and glass - are also available at Liford Custom Calls

Check them out online, on one of their social platforms @lifordcustomcalls , or contact them directly for a complete catalog of pot calls and prices.


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