Coming Soon: Call Maker's Page

Ask any longtime turkey hunter what's in their turkey vest and chances are they'll have at least few calls that were made by someone you have never even heard of, much less seen when shopping around your local outdoor supplies store. Some of the most successful calls around were first created by real turkey hunters with only one goal in mind - sound like a real turkey.

However, ask somebody like Will Primos, Harold Knight and David Hale, or even M.L. Lynch how easy it was getting their calls from their kitchen table to shelves across America, and they'll soon let you know how difficult that journey can really be.

That being said, Spring Legion will soon be dedicating an entire page to helping those that have either a lifelong dedication to turning handmade calls, or simply just starting out and doing all they can to get their custom calls in the hands of fellow turkey hunters, by working together in creating a network to bring handmade calls from all around to a space where they won't be over crowded with today's mass production of top brand empires.

Our plan is that, over time and as Spring Legion also grows, we will be able to bring in more and more turkey hunters to connect with these handmade or custom calls produced by the call-makers that are part of our team and have their selected turkey calls on the Call Maker's page. This will allow them more time to focus on tuning calls, while letting us handle the bulk of getting their name on the web, product descriptions, demos, etc.

This will also make things easier for turkey hunters looking to specifically find genuine handcrafted calls without fishing through hundreds of mainstream calls on Google. If you've ever tried searching for a call that you recently looked at when walking through booths at a wildlife expo, you know how frustrating that can be.

We aim to have the page up and rolling before March 2020 and are still listening to any suggestions on how we can help get more local, handmade, or custom calls into the hands of more turkey hunters. As of now, there will be a limited number of openings for a place on the page, and we are now accepting applications.

If this is something you, or somebody you know, might be interested in, you can simply reach out and send an email to or send us a direct message on our Instagram @SpringLegion letting us know to add you to the list. All we need for now is your name and contact info so that we can send you an application when the time comes. We'll keep you updated throughout the process and will stay open to any suggestions that might help make the page more effective for both buyers and sellers as well.


Again, if this is something you, or somebody you know, might be interested in, simply reach out to us at via E-mail


@SpringLegion via Direct Message