Rope Hats - Performance and Throwback

Throwback Rope Hats:

It took months to finally find the real deal, but we've finally found them - 90's vintage rope snap backs, all nostalgia included.

This summer, our mission is to provide more and more casual wear that still allow us to represent the wild turkey and its hunting, while also providing a few products and apparel that aren't easily found anywhere else.

Makes for a good golf hat, and not to mention, we made sure the first run of these old-school lids included some signature SEC football color schemes, so you can grab one before the tailgating season rolls around.

Just a reminder that, no matter the season, Spring is always on the mind.

Performance Snap Backs:

Performance Technology meets Vintage Throwback with this one

Five panels of solid moisture-wicking micro fabric in black, with contrasting white rope and white snap-back closure

Spring Legion's old-school throwback crest centered on the front panel in white

Perfect Rope Hat for Golf, Casual wear, or anything outdoors this Summer

Available week of June 22, 2020